Why is Halloween so underrated?

You know what? Halloween is my favourite holiday. By far. I wish that I could celebrate Halloween in America one year just so I can experience the day to its fullest. There is nothing better than going around your neighbourhood and demanding sweet treats from people you have never met before. In my day, things didn’t even have to be individually wrapped! There was no way in hell I would ever be offered fruit either. Nowadays people are just bringing down Halloween with crap about obesity and diabetes. They can talk my ears off about it any other day of the year but please, just for the 31st of October, let me be a child again and stuff my face full of candy. It’s all I ask. Sweeties now, lectures and exercise later.

I was supposed to go to a fancy dress party this year but nothing eventuated which is just plain disappointing. I happen to feel that a party is not a party if it is not fancy dress. You can become a completely different person to suit your costume and totally roll with it like a kickass rolling pin.

There is one thing that really irritates me about Halloween parties and that is how girls seem to think that they must dress up (or down) like sluts. Why is this? Come on girls, be original each year. If I see another sexy witch, sexy nurse or sexy vampire, I will start reenacting scenes from Saw. Every time I walk into a fancy dress party (not limited to Halloween), I look around at all the other girls and I think:

I always have to drag things out of my wardrobe and fashion outfits because I don’t have the time or money to do better. I wish I could afford to make full on awe-inspiring costumes like this:

Now to show up at a party like that would just make the evening sweeter than any candy you could get! Then you could dance and creep people out all at the same time:

Apparently PSY was a really popular costume choice this year. Unsurprising. You have a built in dance move to go with the outfit and really, what is cooler than that?

Unfortunately for Australian citizens, nobody really gets into the holiday here. I had a massive bowl of delicious goodness waiting for all the kids and not a single child showed up at my door. On one hand, this was very distressing. On the other…more candy for me. The day and night passed without recognition from many which is such a waste. Here is to hoping that next year it will be bigger. Or that I will be in America. In the meantime, I’ll just watch the Paranormal Activity movies and think of a day when Halloween kicks Christmas, Easter and Valentine’s Day’s asses. When that day takes place, I will celebrate.


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