Voting…Australian style

That time has arrived. When democracy threatens to fine Australian citizens $170 if we don’t vote which party should take control of our ‘Down Under’. No, that isn’t a euphemism. We don’t say ‘G’day’ either. Or ‘put another shrimp on the barbie’. They’re prawns here.

We have two major candidates for Prime Minister in this country. They are:

Kevin Rudd – aka K-Rudd (Labor Party leader and our current PM)

Here he is making some sort of strange ‘cat paw’ gesture:


And again doing his famous ‘pinch’ gesticulation:


He loves that one.

This is Tony Abbott – aka Tony Abbott


Look at that wink! You can just imagine the ladies swooning. Sadly, he is married. I know. I’ll give you a minute so you can grab a tissue.

I won’t even begin to try to explain all the dramas and policies surrounding the election. I’m no expert and if I was, my head would probably have exploded by now. Let’s just say it rather resembles The Mad Hatter’s Tea Party and leave it at that.


This morning I got up bright and early so I could pop over to my local polling station and vote Greens.


It was either them or The Australian Sex Party. I assure you, that is a real party. Their tag-line is ‘where you come first’.

sexTold you.

They even use mostly naked people to illustrate their policies:








According to polls, it looks like Tony Abbot will be the inevitable next Prime Minister. As excited as I am to get my daily dose of Abbott’s extraordinary ears (see how I even alliterated that one), it would be a massive set back in terms of human rights. What with the Liberals being so conservative; Tony Abbott has stated that he is not in favour of marriage equality. So no deeply fabulous weddings any time soon.




It looks like so many people still don’t really understand the concept of equal rights. People are allowed to worship whoever they want (not without judgement…Scientology, I’m thinking of you here). Yet they are still not allowed to love whoever they want. Animals not included. You should love your pets. Just don’t LOVE your pets. Let’s stick to our own species here.

So we must continue to fight against discrimination in one of the most FABULOUS countries in the world. Strange to think that ABBA’s biggest supporters and the creators of ‘Priscilla Queen of the Desert’ (a film about drag queens) are so determined to keep the LGBT community from their rights.




So now I must wait 3 years until the next election and hope that everybody will be in their right minds enough by that point, to vote for a party that wishes to actually empathise with actual people. Not corporations.

So that’s me finished. I’ll let you go with a few more gifs of Benedict Cumberbatch because really, I may as well commit to this.





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