Why Ghosts Are Scary…

Since it’s October and I love Halloween so much…as if you hadn’t noticed…I’m gonna roll with the theme here and just keep writing about creepy and scary things until I run out of things to say (or until Halloween is over).

So as I mentioned in my last post, it’s not the gory stuff (in general) that freaks me out, it’s the hauntings. Ghosts and all that.




I wouldn’t say that I believe in ghosts, but I also wouldn’t say that I don’t. There isn’t enough proof either way. I could say “like Jesus” right here but I don’t want to alienate any of you lovely people. I’ve toured many a ‘haunted’ place before. At night. With lanterns.


When you’re somewhere dark with eerie lighting and getting told by an ‘expert’ about some ‘true’ stories, it’s easy for your mind to tell your body that you feel a tickle on the back of your neck, like a hand touching you. To believe that you saw something in the darkness out of the corner of your eye.


Ah shit, it’s nighttime here. And the moon is full. This is so not the best time to be writing this shit…I’m definitely not sleeping tonight.



I think it’s the unknown-ness of ghosts that really gets to me. The fact that something dangerous could be out there and you have no way of knowing, or stopping it. I am a massive control freak. I hate flying because you have no control whatsoever about whether you live or die (yes I know it’s the safest method of transport, I didn’t say phobias were logical did I)? It’s like that, but not. You can’t see this threat, therefore, you can’t stop it. Like The Entity. Man, that film was shit scary.


This thing that she can’t see basically sexually molests her, as well as a shit load of other violent stuff and they are never able to stop it. The film ends with her driving away with her family. Considering this ghost is not held by a physical place, but rather with the protagonist, it figures that getting in a car is sure as shit not going to stop this thing from following her. Even ‘professionals’ couldn’t do jack to stop it. Fabulous. No happy ending there. YES, I am aware it’s not real. Whatever. That to me is truly scary. Not some dude who gets people to jump into holes filled with infected needles just to win some ‘game’. That’s just gross. And really unhygienic.


Did you ever watch the TV show Are You Afraid of the Dark as a child? Or an adult. Who am I to judge? I own the first 2 seasons on DVD. Scared me crapless as a kid.


Each episode started with a group of teenagers chillin’ around a campfire at midnight (oh so rebellious) and one deeply troubled youth would throw some glitter on the fire and tell a scary story in the hopes of doing lasting psychological damage to their friends. These stories ranged from legends and fantasies to stock ghost stories. They were anything from dull and tacky to terrifying. So excite!


Plus, if you wanna play a game, watch that show and find celebs when they were teenagers. Like Ryan Gosling. Yup.


Anyhoozle, I loved Are You Afraid of the Dark, So Weird and Goosebumps (both the books and the show/movies).


They were all super awesome when I was probably much to young to be watching/reading them. Meh. YOLO – as they say…


Yes, ghosts and stuff. They’re scary. That’s all there is to say. And now I’m going to sit here and watch happy movies until the sun comes up.


Maybe something with Emma Stone. She makes everything better.






OH MY GOD WHAT IS THAT KNOCKING SOUND????? I’m going to die now. If you never hear from me again, you know it was the ghosts that got me. Or Type 2 Diabetes…considering my lifestyle, that would be the more likely cause.




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