One Final Halloween Post And I’ll Change The Subject…

Alright people, one last squeeze of Halloween juice before we all move on with our lives. I have already been to one Halloween party last week and I’ve got my final one tomorrow night, eve of scariness and horror. Can’t wait. After writing all my earlier Halloween posts, for about 3 days straight I was having nightmare after nightmare and sleeping terribly.





Why is it that nightmares seem to make perfect sense when you’re in them and then the second you wake up, you’re thinking WTF? That isn’t even physically possible! Don’t care though, I still intend to watch scary goodness and to be completely unable to sleep on the spoopiest night of the year (yes, that is now apparently a word).



At the party I attended last week, there was a range of costumey awesomeness. I went as Dorothy, which I soon discovered was not original AT ALL. However, there were some really committed individuals, including a Frankenfurter; which many people were ignorantly believing was a very hairy cross dresser. People really need to watch Rocky Horror Picture Show. I always thought that everybody had seen that film. Maybe not. There were also a wide range of slutty chicks as sad excuses for characters. As expected.


I saw a picture of this costume online earlier as well and INSTANTLY WANT TO BUY IT! I think I should wear it every day for the rest of my life.


That outfit has blown. my. mind.




BEST COSTUME EVER! Now I just want to watch every Nicolas Cage movie ever made. Especially the crap ones. Yeah! There’s also a gif going around of a kid in a SERIOUSLY AWESOME stick figure costume.


That is just about the coolest thing I’ve ever seen…in my life!



I have yet to buy my Halloween candy for all those children who will visit my apartment. Which would be 0 because I live across the road from a probable drug dealer and down the road from one of the most dangerous bikie gangs in Australia… oh well…MORE CANDY FOR ME!


I have also yet to carve, or even buy a pumpkin. I have nothing to do tomorrow and plenty of time but I just know from deep inside my stomach and gag reflex area that if I put a pumpkin out, there will be a million cockroaches attacking it within seconds. I may as well just put a sign outside my door inviting them in.


Please, help yourself to my food. I was intending to throw every single edible thing in my house away anyhoo.

However, if I was going to carve a pumpkin, it’d probably end up like this:


Or this:


I meant to make it look that bad. It’s ironic. About something.

Anyway, the party tomorrow night. Back to that. It’s supposed to be an interactive haunted house and then a club when people are too pissed to be scared anymore. It won’t be as good as anything you could find in America but I’m pretty sure it’s the only one we’ve got on this continent, so I’ll suck it up and party my ass off.



Oh man, I really want to watch all my seasons of Community on DVD now.



I’m gonna end this post now because a) there’s nothing left for me to say and b) I really want to watch some Community right now.

Peace Out



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