Goodbye Nelson Mandela…and Paul Walker

A legend has left this world. His soul will go to wherever it is that super awesome people go…Disney World maybe.


Rest in peace Nelson Mandela, you did so many amazing acts in this life. I mean, you met Michael Jackson, so you can be pleased with yourself about that! He even moved his face a little so you know he must have been feeling some intense emotions, MJ style.


So we will forever be thankful for all the things that you have achieved and now you can rest, knowing that your life had so much meaning. So get on with your cool self and party hard now that you have the time. Go wild Mandela!


PS – Now I feel bad that I gave Nelson Mandela a heartfelt goodbye and I didn’t do the same for Paul Walker. Sorry buddy.

I really liked the first Fast and the Furious movie.

It was fast, and furious.


And you had pretty blue eyes.


I heard you were on your way to a charity event when your car crashed so you must have been a good guy. Rest in Peace buddy.


Now everyone, have a sad kitten gif coz that was some serious shit:



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