A Bad Day for Australia

Well Tony Abbott, you have outdone yourself today.


Thanks for making Australia stand for discrimination and inequality. People will stop thinking we’re cool, beer drinking surfers and start thinking we’re straight up assholes.


Not any more we’re not! Sorry tourists.



No one’s gonna want to come here on holiday anymore! Who’d wanna hang with a country full of assholes that don’t believe in marriage equality? Cool people, that’s who!! We’ll get all the International assholes. So many assholes! Assholes. Sorry, I’ll stop now.


This is not the end! Do you hear me Tony Abbott?

…..hello? Tony? Oh, OK he doesn’t actually hear me, literally or metaphorically.He’s too busy walking around in budgie smugglers (that’s speedos for you foreign people).


And you’d think that his giant ears could pick up my anger through any frequency.


You would also think that a man who’s sister is engaged to another woman might be a liiiiittle bit more understanding and perhaps less of a dick.


We will keep fighting and we will win. Everyone deserves the right to marry who they want. If someone can marry the fucking Eiffel Tower, they should be able to marry a goddamn human, regardless of their gender.


Yup, that’s a real thing. I wasn’t lying there.


So suck on that equality flavoured popsicle Mr Abbott


Peace out!


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