West Side Story

This uniquely special individual is going to be in a musical! I know what you’re all thinking. You’re thinking ‘I don’t give a shit’.


Well beautiful people, I’m am too thrilled with my lot in life to keep silent on this subject any longer.


I doubt you’ll remember back this far but I wrote a post a year (or so) ago about how I wished my life was a musical and gee whiz, I guess I got my wish (sorta). I now have a reason to burst into song and dance at random times in the day and night…I’m rehearsing (mostly).


Sometimes I’m just being fucking awesome.

If you knew me then you would not even have to ask whether I’m a Shark or a Jet. For all you wonderfully ignorant people, the Sharks and the Jets are the 50’s New York version of the Montagues and the Capulets. As in West Side Story is a musical adaptation of Romeo and Juliet.


Leonardo Dicaprio is pleasantly surprised.

Since the Sharks are Puerto Rican and I am slightly less tanned than an albino, I’m a Jet (the American gang).




Pictured above: not me.



Pictured above: also not me.

However, do you see the super hardcore cool guy clicking his fingers like he owns that shiznit and wearing a shmexy yellow jacket? Yeah, that’s Riff. Riff is (if you know Romeo and Juliet) the WSS equivalent of Mercutio. If you don’t know Romeo and Juliet, Mercutio is Romeo’s best friend. Thereby Riff is Tony’s best friend. So now we have established that, I will smash the suspense with a jackhammer and blow your minds when I say that I play Riff’s girlfriend. She’s a glorified dumb chick who for her handful of lines, talks utter nonsense. Basically I just stand around in tight dresses and dance at the appropriate moments. It’s fantastic.



Pictured above: the professional, more flexible me.

I won’t get into the nitty gritty of it all right now, my show isn’t until June and I only just had my first rehearsal. Plus it’s after 9.30pm and I have work early in the morning. Sorry.


From now on (until after the show) I will on occasion, and in between other rants, talk about my flashy new life in the theatre. So now you have that to look forward to guys, I bet you’re thrilled by this news. I promise I’ll keep it entertaining and sarcastic as always.


So later, haters. I’ve got dreams to dream



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