West Side Story Pt 2

Ok I don’t know about you guys but I have seriously terrible feet. I continue to wear the same shitty old shoes for years and superglue the crap out of them because it is once in a blue moon that I find a pair of shoes that don’t fuck up my feet. Is that just me?



Thanks Mary Kate/Ashley!



Anyway, with the production of West Side Story, I’ve been instructed to buy character shoes. So I got some yesterday and spent all last night walking the ten steps from one end of my apartment to the other in order to break them in. This is why I only wear converse. They are fine. These suckers are heels goddammit! I never wear heels! And I’ll have to wear these for hours at a time while I dance.


It takes some serious skills to be as amazing as I am at dancing. Also, can I just say that I’m currently listening to ‘Second Hand News’ by Fleetwood Mac while I write this and it looks like he’s rocking out in time with the music. So mesmerizing.

Give me a minute.

Go Napoleon Dynamite! I’m just second hand neeeeeeeeeews…

Ok, song’s over. I’m good. What was I talking about? Oh yeah, shoes. A subject that would get most women higher than a kite but just makes me want to walk in front of a moving train.


Most women:




So I’m sitting here staring at the shoe box with horror knowing what this evening has in store for me. I have to have the shoes fully broken in for rehearsal tomorrow night, which means I needs to get my shitty feet in those shitty heels and break those mofos in. Right now.

Or, you know, I could keep writing nonsense for this blog.

That works too.



Ok shoes, here I come!


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