I Want To Marry John Green…

No this is not because I love The Fault In Our Stars.


He does have a way with words though, doesn’t he

I haven’t read the book. I will have to bring tissues if I see the film since one or both characters are going to die and that shit is sad. Don’t cry, think happy thoughts.



I have, however, spent all morning watching webisodes of ‘Mental Floss’ on YouTube and I have decided that I want John Green to be my future husband.


He is intelligent, nerdy, nice and totally un-sexy in a very sexy kind of way.


That is the definition of my type.



PS – yes I know he’s already married. I’m not an idiot. But a girl can dream.


Plus I just found out when I looked him up on Wikipedia that he is the author of a cute tween romance book that I own. Yup, I read young adult romance novels. Shut up.



And he and his brother have their own charities. Called ‘Project for Awesome’ and the “Foundation to Decrease World Suck’. HOW FUCKING AWESOME IS THAT?!



The brothers are also what is now termed as Nerdfighters, which is basically (according to Urban Dictionary) “people who instead of being made up of cells and organs and stuff are actually made out of awesome”. They do not fight nerds, they are nerds that fight against world suck. Yup. And they have a hand sign:



Benedict Cumberbatch is a Nerdfighter? WHERE CAN I SIGN UP?!?!?!?!

Plus he was bullied badly in school and his success now is a big fat middle finger for all those who ever told him he was worthless.


As Robert Frost said, “The best way out is always through.” As John Green says, “You will get through. I will get through.” And as I say, “Seriously, listen to these guys.” When I was getting bullied in school, I never imagined I’d be here either. So take heart, kids trapped in schools where you aren’t understood. You aren’t alone. Someday you will be understood. And we will have your back.

Fuck you bullies!


(No I was never bullied in school but that doesn’t mean I feel any less passionate about ensuring that nobody should ever have to be told or made to feel that they are not beautiful individuals). Not that it would be any consolation to you guys but I can tell you now that there was one girl in my year who treated everybody like shit and she is now in jail for the manslaughter of her own child. Not a happy ending for her. There is no happy ending for anyone involved in that situation. If more had been done to work with her at a younger age, perhaps she wouldn’t have gone on to neglect her own child to the extent that it died.

Anyway, sorry, back to John Green.

He’s awesome


That’s all. I’m finished now.



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