University Is Back In Session…

So I started studying again on Monday. Yeah.


It’s not going so well. I just can’t bring myself to be enthusiastic for any of the subjects this semester. I spent the entirety of Monday (being about 2 hours before I got too bored to continue, had a nap and then watched a film) studying leadership and management. It was thrilling. Spoiler alert: there’s a difference between leadership and management.


I don’t have any of the textbooks yet so that’s useful. I just bought one this morning for the cost of $105. It’s a fascinating read about metadata.


Anyone know what that is? Because I sure as shit don’t. Yet. I guess I will soon enough. Oh the excitement.


I decided this morning that I wanted to work on my flexibility for the show, so I went to the shops to buy a yoga mat. Then I did all my readings while doing stretches. It was pretty uncomfortable and awkward trying to do both at once.


And she’s not also holding a book and trying to highlight it with a fabulous neon green pen.

If I had just done the reading on its own then a) I would have fallen asleep and b) I wouldn’t have bothered doing any stretching at all. Killed two birds with one stone there. Nailed it.


I did, however, have to walk the long way around the block to get to my local shops due to the fact that A MAN WAS SHOT DEAD ON MY STREET LAST NIGHT.


LITERALLY. As I was sweetly sleeping in my bed, someone was being brutally gunned down 100 meters away.




So as you can imagine, that kept me from doing anything other than calling ever single person I’ve ever met for a while. Also I cleaned the fridge.


I should also probably mention that the 10 minute audio lecture I had playing when I first started writing this has been replayed at least 4 times. I still have no idea what it’s talking about.


So I should probably get back to that. I still have lots to get through if I want to feel like I actually achieved something today.



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