Aaaaand I’m Doing It Again…

I’ve written the title of my module. And that’s it.


I have been sitting here for 3 hours.

I really wish I could do this:


but I know that I have to get through this module today if I am going to stay ahead for the semester.

If I had just sat down and studied, I would be just about done by now. That would have been the logical thing to do. But no. I just keep getting distracted by the Internet and making this all ten times harder than it has to be.


I’ve been listening to I Read Creepy Pasta on YouTube. It is legit creeping the shit out of me but yet, I continue. I am going to have nightmares tonight. For sure. I don’t know why I continue to listen when I know how this will end but hey, c’est la vie right?


Yeah, I’m sufficiently scared now. I should stop. I’ll watch something innocuous like some hair tutorials or something.



THAT’S IT. A fleck of a fly just flew past my face and I jumped half a foot.


That’s when you know you need to stop listening to scary stories. This particular tale won’t end though and I hate not finishing a story. So I must continue to listen until it is over.


It’s over.


Jeez, no wonder I felt it wasn’t ending! It was 25 minutes long. Bloody ‘ell.

OK this is ridiculous. I have to do SOMETHING related to my study.


Not really. I’d better go though. Ugh.


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