I keep leaving you lovely people in the dark for weeks at a time. I apologize. Again.


I was in Canberra for the Jane Austen Festival (as I previous wrote) and last week I took a very unplanned holiday to Bluesfest (a 5 day Blues and Roots music festival in Byron Bay, Brisbane. Plus now I’m working full time which leaves me little time to write random shit on my blog.


My first day off in weeks was spent watching THE WHOLE SEASON of Masters of Sex. Man that show was good. So I am sorry that I watched 12 hours of TV instead of writing funny things for you all but, yeah, that’s life.


Oh and I got a tattoo.


Just thought I’d throw that one out there.

Moving on.

I had some free time today so not only are you lucky enough to get this crappy little apology from me for my lack of blog-age, you’re honored with a new blog. I created it a couple of hours ago and it will house all my reviews. I felt that writing about movies and books in a (slightly) more formal format might not suit the setup of this personal word-vomitorium so I created It’s still me being me, only in another location. I’ve already written 2 new reviews on there and shoved my Con Air post on there too.

So there you go.

OH MY GOD I CANNOT STOP PLAYING CANDY CRUSH SAGA. I rue the day that I found that stupid game. It is so addictive and yet I hate it so much. WHYYYYYYYYYYYY


And I meant to read today. I had hopes of getting through the mound of novels that I have been buying up in the last few weeks yet have had no time to actually, you know, read. Except I just keep waiting half an hour for another life on that damn Candy Crush Saga. Stahp. Staaaaahp!


So why don’t you head on over to my review blog where I have some new posts ready and waiting for your eager eyes and I can get a little reading time in before I fall asleep. It’s a win-win.



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