You Guys (And Kittens) Are The Best!


I have more than 100 followers! I’ve been waiting for this day my entire life…or at least from the day I realised that people were reading my blog at all…


I feel so loved!


I just can’t believe that there are actually people out there in the void that read celerydoor and enjoy it enough to follow me.


My anxiety disorder means I oftentimes feel like the reactions I have to things are not normal, which in turn makes me feel alienated, alone and terrified. I am desperate in those moments to know that what I feel or what I’m experiencing is normal. In this way, I like to hope that you guys are following me because you relate to what I have to say rather than thinking I’m fucking cray-cray and you’re secretly studying me for your psychology major.


Well that just got awkward pretty quickly…


Meh, actually, I don’t care why you’re following me. Just keep doing it. It’s making me feel super duper famous. Except not really. I am aware that 100 million people watch the latest videos about kittens falling asleep or someone getting kicked in the face and I only have 100 followers but so what?! You guys are amazing.


hehehe it’s so funny because it’s a kitten. And kittens make everything better. If Nixon were a kitten, well then, I think everyone would have forgiven him for the whole Watergate debacle pretty damned quickly!


Don’t cry, Kitten Nixon! We’ll just forget it ever happened. Who’s a good furry President!




And seriously, you guys fucking read my blog from every goddamn conceivable country known to (wo)man. I had readers from 7 countries today alone! That to me is pretty impressive. It’s probably because I wrote a post about Bob Hoskins so my page got linked from Google or some shit but I maintain it’s because this blog is top quality writing. TOP QUALITY, I SAY!


Now this top quality bitch has to sleep, because she has work in the morning. Except maybe I’ll get a snack first because it’s midnight, and I sort of feel as if it’s the appropriate thing to do. Or maybe get a Ouija board and summon some demons…or not. Maybe not. I’m not going to do that.


I love you all, you random sons (and daughters) of bitches. I hope that I continue to write stuff that you enjoy reading or else my entire existence will have been a waste.



Thanks again!





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