What Does Free Time Feel Like?


I can’t even remember what happens when you don’t have something to do…BECAUSE I NEVER HAVE NOTHING TO DO! Double negative, bitches! Owned that like a boss.


I would apologise for not writing in what feels like either minutes or months, however, I have no energy left in me to do that. I’m so emotionally fragile right now that I’ve done you guys a favour by not writing anything anyway. Even facial expressions are a distant memory to me at this point in time.


Oh my goodness, I’m becoming Kristen Stewart.


For those of you who have been desperately awaiting an update on West Side Story, here’s your moment of ecstasy. I have no life. Or too much of a life, depending on your take on the situation. (If you are a virginal being viewing this blog for the first time, welcome, nice to meet you, oh and West Side Story is the amateur production which has been in rehearsal for the past few months, and I will be performing in for the next two weeks).

This show is robbing me of my sanity and my desire to get out of bed in the mornings. I had a 13 hour rehearsal last Sunday and another rehearsal on both Monday and Tuesday nights. This is my first evening off in MORE THAN 3 WEEKS!


Don’t really get to take a break tonight, however, because I have to hem and iron my costumes, paint my chorus shoes and get everything ready for our full dress rehearsal tomorrow night. Plus do my laundry and my grocery shopping because I haven’t done either of those things in weeks and I’m hungry and fast running out of clean underwear.


The show opens in 3 days and I have the premonition that it might just be the biggest pile of shite to ever grace a stage.




Like the ‘before’ in a bad infomercial



Optimistic one, aren’t I?

Also, just FYI guys, you are SO lucky that you have penis type thingies. It takes me 2 hours to do my show hair and makeup. That’s 2 hours for every show. Wanna consider how much time I will be spending slapping that shit on my face for the next two weeks? TOO MUCH TIME.


Remind me when the show is over, to tell you guys about a musical I saw the other week, a little ditty named Spring Awakening. If that name sounds familiar, you’ll know that the show is a doozy of a story so as soon as I can, I will give you an amusing (I hope) rendition of that evening.


I’ll make the rest of this post brief, since my eyes are closing themselves like naughty bastards and I think the living room table is looking awfully comfortable and appropriate for an impromptu nap.



Goodnight my faithful followers, I can’t wait until I will have more than 5 minutes to write the latest chapter in my life story for you all. I hope you are equally enthusiastic to read it…


Otherwise it’ll get pretty awkward around here…


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