What Does Free Time Feel Like?

I can’t even remember what happens when you don’t have something to do…BECAUSE I NEVER HAVE NOTHING TO DO! Double negative, bitches! Owned that like a boss. I would apologise for not writing in what feels like either minutes or months, however, I have no energy left in me to do that. I’m so emotionally […]

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaand I’m Tired Today…

Figures. I cannot watch that GIF too many times. Look at it’s adorable kitten-y goodness. Awwww wook ad duh widdle teensy kidden! OK, back on topic. OH MY GOD OHMYGIDDYGIDDYGOD I’ve just remembered the Oscars are on TV in less than an hour. SCREW THE NAP. SCREW STUDY. Except the one channel that my television […]