Opening Night

This is it. The moment of reckoning has finally arrived. Shit. Our dress rehearsal last night was a total travesty and I have the feeling that tonight will go similarly. Thankfully my humiliation will be noticed only by strangers this weekend because I know no attendees at the shows in the coming days. In other […]

What Does Free Time Feel Like?

I can’t even remember what happens when you don’t have something to do…BECAUSE I NEVER HAVE NOTHING TO DO! Double negative, bitches! Owned that like a boss. I would apologise for not writing in what feels like either minutes or months, however, I have no energy left in me to do that. I’m so emotionally […]

Strictly Sydney…

Guess what I did this morning, lovely people? Alright! Jeez I was part of Strictly Sydney. Yup. I know, you totally understand exactly what I’m talking about. Strictly Sydney was Baz Luhrmann trying to get some media attention for the new musical adaptation of his film Strictly Ballroom. He gathered professional ballroom dancers and the […]